About Salem Padel

Padel is a racquet sport that mixes elements of tennis, squash and badminton. It’s played in doubles and just as much outdoors as indoors. We offer two indoor courts and one outdoor – all premium quality Mondo Supercourt STX90 with blue grass – from the World Padel Tour supplier and approved for the highest level of international matches. Our lighting also holds high international standards as it is glare reducing and optimized for best distribution.

With a 9 meter ceiling height and the patented steel screen, you’ll have the same premium experience regardless of where the match is played on the court or which court you decide to play on.

Working out has never been more fun! We welcome players on all levels, beginners or more advanced. This is a perfect sport for anyone who wants to work out while having fun with friends, practice your serve or perfect your skills. Maybe you’ve played another racquet sport before and want to convert to Padel? Everyone is welcome, bring your friends and come try it!

After the padel match you’re free to lounge around with a drink from our vending machine or relax in the sauna.